Fraudster disguised as Forbes journalist targets BAYC holders

Fraudster disguised as Forbes journalist targets BAYC holders


An attacker pretended to be a Forbes journalist during an interview and tried to steal non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collectors.

The attacker, posing as a Forbes journalist, approached the holder with a request to share his experience with the popular NFT collection BAYC. One of the collectors using the X handle @crumz10 said that he miraculously escaped the scam.

The user immediately noticed several red flags: the scammer did not have a premium subscription to Zoom and wanted to record the screen holder using a strange bot.

The interview lasted two hours. At the end, the “journalist” suggested that the victim take a banana to take a photograph for the article. However, @crumz10 realized that in this way the attacker was trying to distract him, and did not leave the computer. Once the user turned off the camera and microphone, the scammer tried to find NFTs to steal.

Another user @3orovik also warned followers about the cunning fraud. He noted that during the interview, the scammer tried to gain access to the user’s computer and steal expensive tokens.

Previously, SlowMist analysts shared research on a new wave of thefts. The cybercriminal similarly posed as a famous journalist, called users for an interview, and then tried to hack their accounts.

The scammer conducted the interview via Telegram. After the conversation, he asked to fill out a special form, but it contained a phishing link.

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