Leaked Meta Quest 3 Unboxing Video Showcases Sleek New Design

Leaked Meta Quest 3 Unboxing Video Showcases Sleek New Design


A leaked unboxing video of the Meta Quest 3 has illustrated the headset’s sleek new design.

Although the product has yet to have a confirmed release date, X user @ZGFTECH posted a video of the unboxing of the new headset (also known as the Oculus Quest 3), providing a more comprehensive insight into its design beyond the promo photos that curious onlookers had been limited to beforehand.

The video showcased the black-and-white headset’s less bulky frame than the Oculus Quest 2, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously stating that the Quest 3 is roughly 40 percent thinner than its predecessor thanks to its pancake lenses. The flexible mesh around the lenses is striking, as is the trio of sensors at the front.

The Meta Quest 3 controllers resemble those packaged with the Quest Pro headset, with Meta having redesigned the Touch Plus controllers from the Quest 2 for ergonomic reasons. However, the Quest 3 controllers lack built-in cameras. Meta has said that the Quest 2’s tracking ring design has been abandoned, with tracking being managed by integrated sensors and predictive AI. The controllers also include Tru Touch haptics.

The video also suggests that the Quest 2’s cloth strap and silicone face pad have been preserved for the Quest 3, and Meta has previously said that the product will have a more flexible head strap for ergonomic comfort.

Meta has said that the Quest 3’s pricing will start at $500, but further details — and a concrete release date —  for the Quest 3 should be communicated at the Meta Connect event on September 27 and 28.

Could Meta Connect be the Meta Quest 3’s Launch Event?

Some analysts believe that Zuckerberg will use his keynote address at Meta Connect to provide more details about the Quest 3 and formally launch it and that preorders will be made available the same day.

There are several reasons behind this conviction. Firstly, both the Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2 were launched at Meta Connect events.

Secondly, the rumour is supported by reports by UploadVR, who published data from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FCC filings indicate that the body has given its regulatory stamp of approval for the Quest 3. The approval documents do not explicitly cite the Quest 3, but they are almost certainly about the new product, and most companies receive FCC approval when they’re close to a product’s release in the US.

What do we Know about the Meta Quest 3’s Design and Feature Set?

As well as its new aesthetic design, the FCC approval documents outlined compelling specifics about the new tech. These include the suggestion the Meta Quest 3 will feature 6GHz wireless, like the Quest Pro. Additionally, it will consist of higher-resolution displays and a new Snapdragon chip. Leaks have indicated that the chip could be a Qualcomm-built XR2 Gen 2 designed explicitly for XR technology.

Analysts have also made several other vital predictions, including that the Quest 3 will have multiple storage versions, beginning with a 128GB option. Another prediction is that the Quest 3 will offer a resolution of around 2064 x 2208 per eye, which tracks with Best Buy’s webpage for the product, which noted it would have a roughly 30 percent improved resolution on the Quest 2.

One confirmed detail is that the headset will feature a high-fidelity colour passthrough, which enables the user to interact with the world in full colour.

Among the expected new features is the introduction of a “Smart Guardian” functionality to assist users in establishing a safe environment. The feature reportedly conveys the space surrounding a user utilising the headset’s mixed-reality camera array.

The Quest 3 will have some interoperability with Windows PCs, but perhaps its most compelling new B2B features will revolve around its MR capabilities. Meta’s ambition is that the Quest 3 experience will feel organic and streamlined, as illustrated by adding a full-colour passthrough.


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