Pi Coin Price Refuses To Rally Despite News Of Partnership, KYC De…

Pi Coin Price Refuses To Rally Despite News Of Partnership, KYC De…


Pi Coin Price Refuses To Rally

Key Takeaways:

  • PI coin price continued its 10-day-long horizontal movement.
  • Carbon browser integrated the Pi Network wallet and token.
  • The platform asked users to share their real-world PI coin use cases

NEW DELHI (CoinChapter.com) — PI coin prices continued hanging around the $34 (IOU) level for the 10th consecutive day on Sept. 30.

The native token of mobile-based crypto mining platform Pi Network, PI coin price started Sept. with a price tag of $54. However, several bearish cues forced the token into a downtrend that saw the PI price drop 37% to a low near $34 on Sept. 20.

PI Network
PI coin price action in Sept. 2023. Source: CoinMarketCap

News like Pi Network claiming that developer activity on its platform has spiked following the success of its ‘Developer Ambassador Program‘ failed to rejuvenate the PI coin’s prices. The lack of volatility is such that PI coin price dropped a mere 0.9% to reach a daily of $33.98 on Sept. 30.

The likely reason for the apathetic response of PI coin prices to bullish news could be the delays in the launch of Pi open mainnet, which would allow users to trade their accumulated PI coins on exchanges.

Several PI coin users shared that they were getting disillusioned with the project. Moreover, on X, users replied to PI coin-shilling posts with questions regarding KYC clarity and the launch of the Pi open mainnet.

Additionally, users shared that they have started uninstalling the Pi Network app used for mining the tokens.

Carbon Browser Announces Support For Pi Network Wallet

Meanwhile, Carbon, a privacy-focused web browser, announced support for the Pi Network wallet and PI coins on its platform.

Carbon browser announced launch of Pi Network app on its platfrom.
Carbon Browser announced the launch of the Pi Network app on its platform.

Moreover, the partnership would allow Pi coin users, also called ‘Pioneers,’ to earn Carbon’s CSIX tokens through referrals.

Furthermore, the partnership would also expose Pi Network to Carbon’s 7 million user base.

Pi Network Asks Suggestions For Improving PI Coin Transactions, Users Hit Back With KYC Queries

The Pi Network core team asked for suggestions that would help improve PI coin transactions. The question targeted PI coin users or businesses that accepted the Pi Network token.

However, users retorted with questions regarding their stuck KYC applications. One user asked other X users if their KYC applications were also stuck for 3 years. Another user pointed out that Vietnam banned the use of PI coins as a currency.

However, some users also shared their experience of buying things with Pi coins. The posts show that Pi Network continues to enjoy user support. However, continued delays in mainnet launch and KYC verification might result in more users quitting the network.


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