Upland teams up with NFLPA to enhance NFL metaverse experience

Upland teams up with NFLPA to enhance NFL metaverse experience


Upland, the web3 metaverse SuperApp in collaboration with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) through OneTeam Partners, is launching its third year featuring officially licensed NFL player collections.

NFLPA and Upland partnership

Upland, the blockchain-based game enabling real-world virtual property trading, has partnered with the NFLPA through OneTeam Partners, its gaming arm. This collaboration introduces new NFLPA Bundle types, including the Mixed Essentials Bundle, Team Essentials Bundle, and Pass Bundles.

The 2023-2024 Upland experience will feature gamified digital collectibles of NFL players, community activities sponsored by the platform to boost user fan scores, and community-created shops celebrating previous seasons in partnership with the NFLPA and Upland.

These three digital bundles will also include season-specific digital collections, enhancing the web3 experience through gamified elements, fostering deeper connections between fans and their favorite players.

The gamified design enables users to amass digital memorabilia of NFL players. It revolves around competitions aimed at elevating users’ fan scores, granting them legitimate ownership of NFLPA memorable moments, iconic performances, and virtual stadium visits within the metaverse.

Commenting on this, Idan Zuckerman, the co-founder and Co-CEO of Upland, said:

“NFLPA Legits in Upland keep delivering engaging digital fan experiences, bringing excitement to football fans through digital collectible trading. The fact that two full seasons of NFLPA Legits are now available in NFLPA Fan Shops on the secondary market speaks to the success of these digital collectibles within the Upland community as we enter our third year of partnership with the NFLPA.”

Upland onboards sports enthusiasts 

Through NFL Players Inc., NFLPA represents more than 2,000 active players in the United States. 

Additionally, via its gaming division, OneTeam Partners, NFLPA manages the commercial interests of over 10,000 athletes across men’s and women’s sports, as well as thousands of college athletes.

The Upland immersive experience enables sports enthusiasts to relive their passion in the metaverse through events, contests, and challenges. This positions the Upland project to attract millions of these enthusiasts to the metaverse space.

The 2023-2024 Upland experience season is accessible on Google Play, the App Stores, and the web, inviting fans from around the world to participate in the digital football experience.

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