Ordswap developers issue alert after losing domain

Ordswap developers issue alert after losing domain


The team behind the project called on users to avoid any contacts with Ordswap’s domain after losing control over it.

One of the first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces built on the Bitcoin (BTC) network Ordswap has seemingly suffered an incident as its developers urge users not to interact with the website.

In an X post on Tuesday, Oct. 10, the project alarmed users to avoid any interactions with Ordswap’s front-end, adding the team is “not currently in control of domain.” While the nature of the incident remains unclear, the Ordswap team has uploaded a tool for MetaMask owners so they could recover their private keys.

Although the scale of the incident is yet to be clarified, users say the authorization button on Orswap’s website was compromised, targeting victims’ crypto wallets. As of press time, Ordswap’s website redirects users to RelayX, another NFT marketplace.

Launched in February 2023, Ordswap is a decentralized trading platform, where users can buy, trade or generate Bitcoin Ordinals, a class of digital assets closely related to NFTs, which are inscribed onto satoshis, the smallest denomination of BTC.

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