Machine Paves Way for Artist Royalties – Here's How it Works

Machine Paves Way for Artist Royalties – Here’s How it Works


Source: Blackdot

Backed by famous artists, US-based company Blackdot has revealed a machine that inks blockchain-stored tattoos that clients also own as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – enabling artists to earn future royalties. 

“Welcome to the Tattoo Revolution,” says the Blakdot website, stating that the company offers an “immersive experience where art and science intersect.”

Blackdot’s powerful new technology enables what had been off-limits in tattooing, it added.

Per the press release, the company developed the “world’s first fully automated, scalable tattooing platform.” 

It explained that,

“Tattoo designs are stored in a secure cloud that can be accessed at any Blackdot Studio, and the company utilizes blockchain technology to track tattoo execution.”

Every time an artist’s design is used, they earn a royalty from it. 

Furthermore, the studio announced Blockdot Gallery, described as a transactional hub for physically executed digital tattoo art. 

The company will, therefore, offer Tradable Tattoos – limited edition tattoos that can be applied, traded, or gifted between clients as one-of-a-kind, minted digital collectibles.

Notably, said the company,

“Artists who collaborate with Blackdot can control the supply of their work, allowing for limited edition collections—as well as one-of-one designs—to be offered.”

Massively popular artists are supporting Blackdot’s launch with exclusive designs.

At launch, Blackdot is offering custom tattoos from its first Blackdot Certified Artist (BCA) – renowned digital artist Tyler Hobbs. 

Also available are limited edition collections from popular Turkish tattoo artist Omer Tunca and limited release art from John Craig, the visual artist behind the famous cover art for The Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness studio album. 

‘Heavy Appetite for Innovative Approach’ 

The new device uses a small number of hidden test dots to first “learn” the individual client’s skin characteristics. 

These dots are then compared against Blackdot’s skin database to determine the best settings (number of punctures and puncture depth) for that specific tattoo location. 

Blackdot said it patented the mapping and motion system. 

Matthew Stephens, founder of online art gallery and community DeviantArt, commented that.

“Traditional tattooing will always be mainstream, but there’s a heavy appetite for this innovative approach to complement the classic system and to benefit tattoo artists and other artists everywhere.”

Blackdot is open in Austin, and it plans to expand to Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and other major US cities, even abroad. 

According to Chrunchbase, the company raised $4.5 million in May 2021 from FusionX Ventures, as well as an undisclosed amount in March 2020 from FusionX Ventures and Tech Coast Angels.

It is currently accepting applications to invest from friendly angel and institutional investors, the press release said.


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