FartASTIC! Bitcoin Fart NFT Sold For Nearly $280K

FartASTIC! Bitcoin Fart NFT Sold For Nearly $280K


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FartASTIC! Bitcoin Fart NFT Sold For Nearly $280K

BERLIN (CoinChapter.com) — Blockchains are no strangers to the weirdness and stupidity of mankind, the latest one of all being a fart NFT. 

Yes, you read correctly. 

And no, it’s not a joke. 

We caught a whiff of this from a few Reddit posts, and quite frankly, it’s worth a fart!   

Surprisingly, the comment section was more thrown by the fact that the post was tagged as General News and not Comedy rather than by the absurdity of the news itself.   

People also eagerly debated whether it was a “good” fart and continued further to define its meaning. 

For the most daring of you who are holding your breath to hear what a $280,000 fart sounds like, here it is. This one-second audio recording is forever inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, and now someone owns it. 

Who broke this wind of change? We will never know unless the NFT owner shows up.

Were they trying to start a new art movement (or fart movement)? Should there be competitions held? Those are all questions for the future and the most “gassy” to explore. 

A Cloud of Absurd NFTs

The fart NFT doesn’t really stand out in the multitude of other bonkers NFTs that existed before and probably will exist in the future. 

Here are a few.

Digital Toilet Paper – NFTP

Yes, you read correctly! For only $4,100, Charmin, the company that produces the said product, will uniquely design a roll with colorful flowers and grass.

According to Charmin, they keep only 0.01 percent of the profits and donate the rest to “Direct Relief” – a humanitarian organization.

NFT, FartASTIC! Bitcoin Fart NFT Sold For Nearly $280K

Digital Perfume NFT

Can you smell it? No! 

For all we know, this could be the same “fart guy” who decided to appeal to all the sensors, first scent, now hearing? Just saying…

NFT, FartASTIC! Bitcoin Fart NFT Sold For Nearly $280K

So a Berlin-based company called Look Labs created the world’s first digital-only fragrance called “Cyber Eau de Parfum”.  

They created a digital image by scanning the bottle, fragrance, and packaging using the near-infrared spectroscopy method. 

Look Labs then sold the molecular wavelength of the perfume as an NFT for a whopping $18,000. 

The most expensive scent you can’t even wear…

Burn Bansky, Burn NFT

Another “genius” NFT that sold for a buttload of money – pun intended! 

So “Burnt Bansky”, a crypto-art group, legally purchased an original painting by Bansky called “Morons” from a New York gallery for $95,000. 

They continued to burn it with a firestarter and filmed it all. 

Bansky’s “ashes” were sold as NFT for a crazy $380,000. 

As Albert Einstein once said:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.”


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