Brawlers Where Wrestling Meets Blockchain on Epic Games Store

Brawlers Where Wrestling Meets Blockchain on Epic Games Store


Epic Games Store (EGS), a powerhouse in the digital distribution landscape, has added a new entrant to its ever-growing gaming library. Say hello to “Blockchain Brawlers,” the Web3-based wrestling game that promises not just regular punches, but a knockout blend of the virtual and blockchain worlds. With a potential audience of over 230 million PC gamers, it’s time to get the ringside seats!

In the gaming arena, the arrival of Brawlers isn’t just any other game launch. It’s a revolutionary milestone. Think about it. You’re not just pitting your digital wrestler against another. You’re diving deep into the universe of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), backed by the might of the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX).

So, what makes this game stand out in the crowded EGS library?

For starters, Brawlers isn’t merely a game. It’s a golden opportunity to rule the virtual wrestling world, to lay claim to a unique space where every slam, punch, and move could be your ticket to the gaming hall of fame.

Speaking of game designs, this isn’t a newbie’s attempt at gaming. The game boasts of its design by the wizard of mathematics and game creation, Richard Garfield. If that name sounds familiar, well, he’s the genius behind “Magic: The Gathering.” With Brawlers, Garfield merges the traditional thrill of card games with the tech brilliance of blockchain.

Now, you might wonder about the scale of this launch. Let’s drop some numbers. EGS boasts 35 million daily users and a whopping 70 million monthly enthusiasts. Bringing a Web3-based game to such an audience? That’s not just a debut. It’s history in the making. Michael Rubinelli, WAX’s Chief Gaming Officer, couldn’t have put it better when he mentioned how this launch propels the gaming industry towards a “blockchain-powered fairness” and brings it closer to a vast audience.

Stepping inside the game, Brawlers is more than just moves and matches. As the pioneering venture from WAX’s game studio, Tyranno Studios, it’s where gaming meets innovation. Michael Rubinelli, with his rich 25-year experience spanning giants like Disney and Electronic Arts, leads this endeavor. And the outcome? A game where players don’t just play, but also have full control over their assets.

Imagine a realm powered by BRWL tokens, where NFT characters are not just characters but valuable assets. Players can enter the wrestling matches, earn tokens, and then use these to enhance their gaming experience. From crafting unique game items to trading with others, the possibilities are as wide as the wrestling ring. As Garfield aptly puts it, Brawlers transcends traditional gaming boundaries. Here, every player is a vital part of a thriving, living economy, free from the constraints of limited microtransactions.

And for those still on the fence about trying it out? Every new player gets a set of “Free-to-Try” assets. Dive in, experience the game, and who knows, you might just find your new gaming obsession!

In the ever-evolving gaming world, the launch of Brawlers on EGS marks a significant shift. As blockchain integrates deeper into our digital experiences, it’s exciting times ahead for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.


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