Bitcoin's bid to upend capital markets

Bitcoin’s bid to upend capital markets


At the PlanB conference in Lugano on Oct. 20, a panel of experts discussed how Bitcoin and blockchain technology could disrupt traditional capital markets.

The panel, titled “Exploring the Future of Capital Markets: Your Second Layer,” featured leaders from several Bitcoin and blockchain startups including Blockstream, Sideswap, Setup Labs and Stalker.

Panelists outlined how Bitcoin’s decentralized, transparent and programmable nature enables direct peer-to-peer trading of assets including stocks, bonds, derivatives and more. This removes the need for intermediaries like stock exchanges and clearing houses, reducing costs and risks.

According to Sideswap founder Scott Freeman, building these “capital markets around Bitcoin” will significantly increase activity and demand for the cryptocurrency. Other panelists highlighted how Bitcoin sidechains like Liquid provide the security, speed and functionality needed for complex financial transactions.

The panel also discussed several live examples of crypto capital markets including tokenized mining securities, derivatives trading platforms and stock exchanges built on blockchain. However, regulatory complexity was cited as a key obstacle to faster adoption.

Panelists agreed that both regulation and technology need time to develop, but were optimistic about growing regulatory acceptance, especially in smaller jurisdictions.

Overall, the panelists were excited about using Bitcoin infrastructure to recreate capital markets in a more open, accessible way. The speakers say they envision a future where traditional assets seamlessly integrate with the crypto economy.

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