Monopoly Meets NFTs The WoW Galaxy Edition Emerges

Monopoly Meets NFTs The WoW Galaxy Edition Emerges


The beloved board game, Monopoly, is getting a digital twist. The World of Women (WoW) NFT project is collaborating with WS Game Company, backed by a license from Hasbro, to launch the Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition. Set to be released on October 17, this marks a major intersection of classic board gaming and the vibrant NFT universe.

A Tribute to the WoW Web3 Community
Monopoly’s WoW Galaxy Edition pays homage to WoW’s influential web3 community. Customized illustrations adorn the game, making it more than just entertainment—it’s a digital era festivity. It’s where Monopoly’s timeless charm meets the dynamic characters of the WoW world.

Kerry Adis of WS Game Company highlights the unique gameplay this edition brings. With bespoke tokens representing iconic WoW personas and a board that encapsulates the WoW realm, it bridges the gap between traditional and modern gameplay.

Journey Through a Digital Galaxy
The Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition takes players on an interstellar journey across the WoW universe. In a fresh twist, Ethereum (ETH) is the game’s currency, underscoring its importance in today’s digital economy. The gold-toned tokens pay tribute to renowned web3 communities like Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, and CryptoPunks, reflecting the NFT world’s rich tapestry.

WoW’s Co-founder, Yam Karkai, oversaw this board’s artistic direction, aiming to refresh the age-old game. Marrying classic Monopoly components with contemporary visuals, the game seeks to inform and widen their community’s perspective on digital currency and decentralization. It’s a play to harness Monopoly’s cross-generational allure to familiarize more people with the digital age.

Charting New Intellectual Property Territories
For WoW, this venture marks a significant foray into intellectual property. It’s where art, activism, and amusement blend, illustrating the evolution of traditional games in the NFT and cryptocurrency epoch.

In essence, the Monopoly: WoW Galaxy Edition is more than mere play—it’s a voyage across the imaginative realms of WoW. It promises both fun and learning, shedding light on digital economies in an interactive format. Through this pioneering partnership, WoW, WS Game Company, and Hasbro aim to set the tone for future crossovers between conventional gaming and the digital realm.


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