77% of U.S. consumers don't want Meta-owned metaverse…

77% of U.S. consumers don’t want Meta-owned metaverse…



Key Takeaways

  • 87% of the respondents prefer a decentralized blockchain-owned metaverse.
  • Gaming tops the list of reasons why consumers will spend time in the metaverse.

LAGOS (CoinChapter.com) — A new study has found that a large percentage of consumers in the United States do not want a metaverse owned by Meta, formerly Facebook.

The survey conducted by Advokate Group polled over 1000 U.S. consumers, noting that three out of four people do not support a Meta-owned metaverse.

77% of the respondents expressed concerns over Meta owning the metaverse due to its previous failings in protecting users’ information. In addition, the company has a series of legal issues surrounding privacy invasion and personal data abuse, among other issues.

A video presentatioMeta’Meta’s virtual world, delivered by Mark Zuckerberg. Source: Meta

The survey respondents also fingered Mark Zuckerberg’s centralization tendency as another reason users don’t want a Meta-owned metaverse. Meta currently owns Instagram and WhatsApp and recently attempted to acquire Snapchat. Notably, each of these platforms currently boasts billion of users, respectively.

Similarly, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had also expressed concern over the possibility of succesFacebFacebook’s virtual project.

“I’m skeptical that we’re going to wake up in the morning and intentionally sit at home. Strap on our headsets and conduct all of our daily activities that way,” Zelnick said.

In addition to rejecting a metaverse owned by Meta, most respondents in the survey also opposed a virtual world owned by any tech giants like Microsoft, Roblox, Nvidia, among others.

87% of participants in the survey indicated that they rather wanted a decentralized metaverse run by a blockchain platform. Furthermore, they implied that they would preferably want a metaverse owned by Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Polkadot, and Fantom.

Gaming is also much appreciated as it tops the list of reasons consumers will spend time in the metaverse. 87% of respondents disclosed that they would switch to full-time gaming in the metaverse if good pay. This was just as 93% of the respondents said they would spend time playing games if they could make a minimum wage from it.

Meanwhile, 55% of participants in the survey indicated that they would spend more than three hours a day in the virtual space.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that Apple has announced its intention not to explore creating a virtual world. According to Mark Gurman, the tech behemoth is not interested in being a metaverse.


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