Revealed What's Behind The Hyped COF NFT Sale?

Revealed – What’s Behind The Hyped COF NFT Sale?


Revealed - What's Behind The Hyped COF NFT Sale?

Amidst this transformative wave in the gaming industry, the global blockchain gaming sector has witnessed substantial growth last year, signifying the increasing acceptance of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming model. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets™, the industry surpassed a revenue of $4.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $65.7 billion by the end of 2027, with an impressive CAGR of 70.3%. Additionally, the market size is projected to hit around $301.53 billion by 2030.

Interestingly, the gaming ecosystem with blockchain tech and crypto has given rise to an exciting genre known as play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games. These games are centered around playing cards, each having a different theme, rules, NFTs, and tokens. One such platform offering crypto card games is Crystals of Fate, bridging the gaps of traditional and blockchain gaming.

Crystals of Fate (CoF) is a multi-platform play-and-earn NFT collectible card game (CCG) that integrates into both the web2 and web3 ecosystems. Built for Web3 mobile, players can buy, sell, win, or earn digital assets through highly engaging, turn-taking gameplay. 

Unlike other projects, Crystals of Fate is available for users to download and play. The platform is backed by a strong team of experts with 15+ years of experience in web3, blockchain, gaming, and startups. With Jonathon McKay as the CEO and Founder of Crystals of Fate and John Stone as Co-Founder & Art Director, the project is making strides with experienced engineers, artists, and designers.

The platform offers players the opportunity to play freely without any purchases and provides performance-based rewards and earnings. Besides this, the platform creates a real-time engagement experience for players while allowing them to choose their logo/emblem. Continuous mana generation and swift card draws every 10-15 seconds contribute to the game’s fast-paced nature. The introduction of multi-lane tactical battle positions adds a dynamic strategy element, allowing players to strategically position and deploy minions. CoF further differentiates itself with synergy-based card skills that interact with one another, leveraging tactical positions on diverse battleground maps for a uniquely strategic gameplay experience compared to traditional CCGs.

Crystals of Fate, Revealed – What’s Behind The Hyped COF NFT Sale?

In Crystals of Fate, players build decks featuring their favorite heroes, each with unique playstyles. The game offers simultaneous combat, fostering intense, strategic battles where players can outplay opponents in real-time. Additionally, Crystals of Fate uses a play-to-earn model, enabling players to acquire valuable cards and NFTs through diverse game modes, adding an enticing reward element to the gameplay.

Crystals of Fate’s NFT Sale Event

Utilizing the Elysium blockchain from Vulcan Forged, the Crystals of Fate is bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. The project, with its  Free To Play & Play & Earn gameplay mechanics and strategic depth, seamlessly fits into the gaming ecosystem of Vulcan Forged, promising players an experience that transcends gaming boundaries. 

The Genesis Collection Mint for the platform’s Crystals of Fate (CoF) is scheduled to begin on November 17. The project has set giveaways of 1,500 whitelist NFTs. These NFTs provide special 20% discounts to their whitelist NFT holders on all 17 packages throughout the Genesis Sale.  As per its official website, there are 185 collectable cards in the Genesis set, which are mentioned below. 

Crystals of Fate, Revealed – What’s Behind The Hyped COF NFT Sale?

During the release of Genesis, all cards will undergo a live balancing beta post-release known as the Balancing Stage.  In this stage, cards remain tradable, and adjustments are made to address any imbalances. The Balancing Stage will persist until the internal team confirms the overall set, marking the closure of the Genesis set and concluding further changes to its gameplay utility. 

In conclusion, the growth of the global blockchain gaming market can be justified by the increase in investments in the sector, NFT trends, and the widespread adoption of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game model. Moreover, industry experts remain optimistic about NFT sales growth, backed by data showing a substantial leap from $56 million in the week ending on October 9 to an impressive $129 million in the week ending on November 6.

While the rising sales and trading volumes suggest a positive Q4 for the NFT market, it’s worth watching the potential of another player, Crystals of Fate, in the crypto card games ecosystem.

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