Ethereum Insider Big Reveal Expected To Happen Today, Here's What You Should Know

Ethereum Insider Big Reveal Expected To Happen Today, Here’s What You Should Know


The crypto community is eagerly anticipating Ethereum Insider, Steven Nerayoff’s big reveal scheduled for today. Details surrounding the nature of the revelation remain shrouded in mystery, however, the insider has promised to release several evidential documents and a possibly damning recording between him and the Ethereum Founder. 

Countdown To Nerayoff’s Big Reveal

Former Ethereum Advisor, Steven Nerayoff announced previously that he would be releasing evidence of fraud accusations he made against ETH Founders, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. He committed to disclosing this information today, November 16, and urged the crypto community to prepare for its release. 

The former Ethereum Advisor also stated that he would be publishing recordings of him and Buterin having a conversation about the Ethereum Network. He highlighted that the recording was not connected to his accusations of fraud but it would show his involvement with the ETH founder. 

“The recording isn’t directly related to the fraud but will illuminate a lot of what was happening & show my involvement. The fraud will be in the lawsuit,” Nerayoff stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post.

He added that “this recording won’t necessarily affect anything other than the supposed genius, truthfulness, and selflessness of Vitalik & Lubin.”

The Ethereum insider revealed that he was exposing himself to certain risks by revealing alleged truths about Ethereum. He emphasized his confidence and disregard for the possible repercussions of his decision. Nerayoff also declared that he would go through with his determination to unveil proof of his accusations against Buterin and Lubin. 

“How does one refute the truth backed up with documentation? And I know the risks I’m taking & don’t care. Might be hard for many to understand but after what they put me through for years it’s as if I died & came back to life. Fear simply isn’t present once I survived that war,” Nerayoff stated

Ethereum price chart from (Ethereum Insider whistleblower)

ETH price falls to $2,039 | Source: ETHUSD on

Ethereum Insider Challenges Founders’ Ongoing Silence

Steven Nerayoff has been consistently publishing fraud accusations against Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. However, the two Ethereum founders have stayed silent, refraining from denying or confirming the allegations

Nerayoff has called out the founders’ silence, asserting that their quiet disposition was because of the evidence he had against them. The Ethereum insider claims to hold several potentially damning receipts, which he has promised to make public soon. 

“Vitalik & Lubin are vicious if they have leverage. Lubin said to me in July 2018 about a network “It’s a centralized piece of shit” right after the Hinman speech! They stay silent because I’ll drop more receipts,” Nerayoff said.

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