Wormhole becomes independent entity following spin-off from Jump Trading

Wormhole becomes independent entity following spin-off from Jump Trading


Jump Trading has spun off its cross-chain protocol, Wormhole, into an independent entity amidst a backdrop of major security breaches and ongoing regulatory scrutiny.

Jump Trading has officially separated Wormhole, a prominent cross-chain protocol, establishing it as an independent entity. This move, as reported by Bloomberg, has led to the departure of key Wormhole figures, including CEO Saeed Badreg and COO Anthony Ramirez.

Wormhole’s history is marred by a major security breach in 2022, resulting in a loss of approximately $320 million, marking it as one of the most substantial defi hacks to date. In an extraordinary response, Jump Crypto, the cryptocurrency division of Jump Trading, intervened to replenish the stolen funds, primarily 120,000 ETH.

Subsequently, in February of the following year, Jump Crypto had successfully recovered the funds lost in the Wormhole attack. This recovery was partly facilitated by Oasis, under the directive of the High Court of England and Wales, to retrieve assets linked to the exploit.

Prior to this split, Jump Trading had expanded its crypto footprint by acquiring Certus One in 2021, which included the Wormhole bridge in its portfolio. However, the broader activities of Jump Crypto have not been without controversy.

President Kanav Kariya faced allegations during a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) deposition against Terraform Labs and its ex-CEO Do Kwon. In the deposition, Kariya exercised his Fifth Amendment rights multiple times.

Furthermore, a class-action lawsuit filed in May accused Jump of earning around $1.3 billion through alleged manipulation of Terra. These claims, while unproven, add a layer of complexity to Jump’s operations in the crypto space. The SEC’s complaint, which indirectly pointed to an unnamed U.S. trading firm accused of manipulating UST’s price, is speculated to be referring to Jump Trading.

The separation of Wormhole from Jump Trading signals a new chapter for both entities. For Wormhole, this means an opportunity to redefine its identity and possibly strengthen its security measures post-hack. For Jump Trading, this could be a strategic move to streamline its operations amidst growing scrutiny and legal challenges.

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