Meta Quest for Business Launches

Meta Quest for Business Launches


Meta Quest for Business is live. Following a series of reveals last month, the Menlo Park-based firm officially launched its enterprise-grade XR device management and distribution hub.

The platform is a subscription service that supports enterprise end-users in leveraging Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro devices. Moreover, Meta Quest for Business helps clients distribute devices and applications across a team.

Enterprise end-users in supported regions – including the United States and the United Kingdom – can sign up for Meta Quest for Business today. Additionally, Meta is offering Shared Mode and Support Plus as add-ons for the service. Meta is also offering a 30-day trial for prospective customers.

Moreover, for customers purchasing the Shared Mode feature, Meta Quest for Business does not require a Meta account for workers to participate, a long-standing concern with Meta entering the digital business solutions landscape.

Meta Quest for Business comes as a partial revamp following the firm offering a VR headset subscription service for enterprises long ago, closer to the Occulus era.

Meta Quest for Business: What’s New?

The revamped service provides various avenues of XR workplace device management. Meta collects many of the service’s tools under its Admin portal, allowing teams to assign a Meta headset to an active subscription.

Once a device is connected to the Meta Quest for Business hub, a team leader can manage and maintain it. Moreover, a team leader can assign a Meta Quest device with an individual Business add-on.

Using the admin portal, Meta Quest for Business provides a team management hub allowing leaders to assign accounts and devices, with additional automation tools to streamline the process.

Meta Quest for Business also comes with a built-in. MDM solution that gives team leaders direct control of their headset fleet. Again, via the admin portal, a team leader can leverage the MDM features to set bulk provisions, assign profiles, review device status, configure WiFi support, reset PIN access, and remote wipe devices.

The built-in MDM solutions allow access to a small line-up of third-party XR MDM service providers, including Invanti, VMware Workspace ONE, and Microsoft Intune.

Meta Quest for Business also allows team leaders to manage XR applications and software distribution.

Meta Quest for Business gives admin control over how Quest headset can access applications, such as deploying applications privately to a small group of users or publically as a widespread deployment. The application management services streamline the deployment of immersive applications by negating the need to access a device’s storefront to download applications individually.

Additional Services Available via Meta Quest for Business

In addition to the core services that make up the Meta Quest for Business subscription plan, Meta also provides add-ons – which a customer must pay for separately – to enhance the platform.

Meta Quest for Business’ Shared Mode provides clients with an additional level of control; team leaders can assign Shared Mode to an individual headset that may be used by multiple workers regularly.

The add-on provides personalization and tailing to suit constant switching between workers. Notably, Share Mode negates the need for a Meta account and allows team leaders to set wider confirmations for more consistent experiences between users.

Shared Mode is available for £8.99 per device per month, alongside another add-on for Meta Quest for Business: a 24/7 hour support line enterprise clients can subscribe to – enhancing their customer experience.

Meta and Enterprise, a Long-Term Goal?

Meta’s revamp of its enterprise suite comes as the firm establishes its goals of providing the future of work. Following a tepid reception of the Quest Pro, Meta is following in Microsoft’s footsteps towards creating the foundation of the industrial metaverse and, therefore, the future of work via immersive solutions.

Speaking on the future of immersive services in the workplace, Meta’s Global Executive of Engagement, Reality Labs, Dan Nieves, took the stage at IGS 2023 last month to discuss the then-upcoming Quest for Business solution.  

 Nieves explained:  

Metaverse technologies and AI are really reshaping how we experience the physical and digital worlds. If we think about obviously this moment right here, all of us in the same room, being together in the physical world will always be the richest way. – But more and more, people in teams are being distributed and more spread out. So, it’s really the combination of both the physical and digital worlds that are defining our reality.

Dan Nieves says businesses leverage technologies like VR and MR to create new opportunities that benefit society. Nieves added that a broad range of XR use cases for enterprise is available, especially in education, healthcare, and workplace collaboration. Many organizations are already experiencing real impact from these technologies.


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