Forbes forks release of 30 Under 30 to Ethereum blockchain

Forbes forks release of 30 Under 30 to Ethereum blockchain


Forbes Magazine has announced that the next edition of its annual 30 Under 30 will be released on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Forbes, blockchain will be used to publish the highly anticipated annual ranking of the top performing entrepreneurs across various sectors.

“Forbes is at the forefront of marrying traditional media with cutting-edge technology. By launching the Under 30 list on the Ethereum blockchain, we’re not just recognizing the influential young leaders; we’re also demonstrating the vast, untapped potential of blockchain technology in the realm of data storage and security.”

Supitskiy, Forbes’ Chief Digital and Information Officer

Forbes Chief Development Officer Taha Ahmed said the current initiative is just the first step. The journal intends to continue to explore how Web3 can change the way information is stored and shared.

Users can check out the new issue of 30 Under 30 on the Forbes official website. In the “Finance” category there are several representatives of crypto companies. In particular, these are the co-founders of Sei Labs and co-founders of the Llama platform. The judges also include Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle.

Several individuals included in the 30 under 30 list have encountered legal challenges including Sam Bankman-Fried, known for his advocacy of “effective altruism,” the disgraced former FTX CEO today faces the prospect of decades in prison; while his former girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, was also a former recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30.

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