enhancing crypto traders' potential using AI

enhancing crypto traders’ potential using AI


Trading crypto online requires precision and the ability to manage risk effectively. The markets are challenging enough; one needs to understand the dynamics of various altcoins, navigate significant volatility, and make moves that must be executed in seconds. Having a supportive brokerage platform is the least you could ask for.

1ex Trading Board aims to be the co-pilot for traders and uses intelligent AI-powered analysis to provide market insights. Additionally, successful trading requires every trader to incorporate risk management strategies into their journey.

Disregarding market risk exposes crypto traders to the threat of liquidations and deposit losses. Case in point: on Oct. 10, 2023, Ethereum saw a sharp price decline, triggering over $1 billion in ETH liquidations across various exchanges. Traders incurred losses exceeding $30 million, with those holding long positions bearing the brunt of this downturn.

Accurate data on price movements is crucial to mitigating such losses. The key lies in precisely capturing coin value levels and making informed moves before trends solidify into significant losses.

The vision of 1ex Trading Board 

Trading doesn’t have to involve the harsh reality of enduring devastating losses from the outset. Many traditional traders speak of their early losses due to impulsiveness and inexperience driven by fear of missing out (FOMO). The notion that accepting losses is a natural part of the growth process can be misleading, as not everyone can endure sustained losses for an extended period.

1ex Trading Board is here to guide traders right from the beginning. Trading doesn’t have to follow a path of trial and error marked by significant losses in the learning process.

Jumping into the deep end without the tools to navigate those waters is less than ideal. With 1ex Trading Board, you don’t have to risk burning your money during the learning phase, as this platform provides optimal market management tools.

Dmitriy Litvinov, co-founder and CEO, articulates 1ex Trading Board’s distinctive vision:

“We strongly oppose the approach of learning through losses. Individuals shouldn’t have to sacrifice deposits due to ignorance, a lack of understanding of the market, their emotions, or misguided advice. We are pioneering a new form of market-human relationships, where traders no longer need to risk money and well-being to learn how to earn through trading. Our tools aim to enhance trading efficiency, promote mindfulness, and improve overall effectiveness.”

In line with this vision, the 1ex Trading Board team is launching a trading tool to enhance trader capabilities. This platform aims to make trading safer and more efficient. Beyond mitigating losses, traders’ earning potential skyrockets with advanced analytics.

The 1ex Trading Board transcends the reliance on historical market data and candlestick charts that can appear complex for new traders. The market is dynamic and constantly evolving, rendering historical data of limited value to current events, especially in the crypto scene.

The Aİ News from 1ex Trading Board uses modern indicators to capture trends. Litvinov sheds light on the elements that contribute to these indicators:

“We analyze the behavior of limit orders within order books. This serves as a more accurate indicator of the market’s mood and desire. By not relying solely on candlestick charts, we gain insights into the prices of significant support and resistance levels, avoiding subjectivity. All of this enables a more precise entry into a position.”

Utilizing artificial intelligence for analysis.

Staying abreast of events in the ever-evolving crypto market is daunting, even for full-time traders. Recognizing this challenge, 1ex Trading board introduced the AI News service to meet the market’s demand for enhanced analytics.

This tool analyzes the market using indicators such as limit orders, trader activity, news background, and more. The aggregated insights from these indicators prove to be an invaluable asset in trading.

The AI News service demonstrated effectiveness by identifying movement in Solana (SOL) before it surged. This foresight enabled the team to profit from the rapid growth, deviating from the typical cycle of early losses.

While most trading tools rely on a standard modus operandi involving analyzing historical data and applying probability theories, 1ex Trading Boards stands out by placing the trader at the center.

Instead of merely regurgitating predictions based on historical data, the company prioritizes enhancing a trader’s skills and constructing an ecosystem around the individual. The AI tool considers human psychology and behavior, creating a novel service for an elevated trading experience.

1ex Trading Board recognizes that the key to avoiding initial losses lies in understanding the psychological motivation behind the initial deposit. Traders, being human, are susceptible to emotions such as fear. In response, 1ex Trading Boards adapts to the trader’s character, preventing costly spontaneous actions.

The Gem Finder tool 

1ex Trading Boards introduces the Gem Finder tool, which is tailored for investors seeking rare assets. This tool identifies undervalued assets, enabling traders to enter the market early.

The Gem Finder empowers traders to pinpoint potentially overvalued assets for disposal and undervalued ones for acquisition, providing users with recommendations to guide their investment decisions.

Once again, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in analyzing trader behavior, investor actions, and coin activity, offering an understanding of a project’s trajectory. It is common for a token to get hot from market hype and lose all the gains within a few days. 

Furthermore, 1ex Trading Boards introduces the Trade Assistant. This distinctive tool is another avenue for AI to elevate your trading prowess. This self-learning tool observes your activity, memorizing your responses to diverse market situations. Litvinov elucidated the tool’s functionality, stating, 

“The neural network creates a specific dataset, incorporating parameters based on the trader’s past actions and the outcomes achieved. For example, if a trader executed numerous trades, with most being successful, the neural network comprehensively captures and recalls the conditions that led to success. Conversely, if a trader experiences losses, the neural network notes these actions as mistakes. Consequently, an avatar of the trader’s behavior is shaped.”

Once the Trade Assistant captures a reflection of the trader’s patterns, it autonomously replicates successful actions in analogous market conditions and avoids actions when conditions diverge.

The tool injects objectivity into trading, ensuring that traders amplify their efforts only when the conditions align.

The tendency to enter a frenzy, whether to replicate profits or chase losses, proves to be the Achilles heel for many traders, and the Trade Assistant acts as a safeguard against such impulsive decisions.

Enhancing traders’ potential 

The 1ex Trading Board uses a thorough approach to the market, crafting tools that revolve around the psychology of each trader.

The synergy of improved risk management, streamlined information aggregation, trader psychology consideration, and AI analysis integration can enhance the trading experience.

Moreover, the 1ex Trading Board provides traders with insights into opportunities before the broader market catches on. 

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