Empowering Bitcoin Literacy: SHAmory's Educational Journey

Empowering Bitcoin Literacy: SHAmory’s Educational Journey


Empowering Bitcoin Literacy: SHAmory's Educational Journey

In the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, fostering financial literacy, especially among children, becomes a unique challenge. Scott Sibley, co-founder of SHAmory.com, recognized this gap and embarked on a mission to bridge it. SHAmory, founded in 2020, is dedicated to creating educational products and games that unravel the complexities of Bitcoin and instill financial education in an engaging manner.

One on One with Scott Sibley

SHAmory’s Journey

The inception of SHAmory was inspired by a personal need. Scott and Mallory Sibley, realizing the lack of accessible resources to teach their children about Bitcoin and finance, decided to take matters into their own hands. What began as a passion project quickly evolved into a dynamic venture. The initial offering, a card game, marked the beginning of SHAmory’s journey. Over time, the platform expanded its product line, developing a comprehensive suite of educational tools.

MYSHAMMY Water Project

Bitcoin Literacy, Empowering Bitcoin Literacy: SHAmory’s Educational Journey

Beyond the realms of education, SHAmory is also making a tangible impact through the MYSHAMMY Water Project. Partnering with the Built with Bitcoin Foundation, SHAmory created a plush toy named SHAmmy to raise funds for a water well in Africa. The goal is ambitious – to raise $5,000 for this noble cause. As of now, SHAmory is only 65 plushies away from achieving this objective, emphasizing the power of community-driven initiatives.

Educational Products

SHAmory’s commitment to education is evident in its Stem-authenticated products. The card game, the cornerstone of their offerings, is complemented by two books and various other engaging items. These products are designed not only for entertainment but also for seamless integration into educational curriculums. By providing Stem-authenticated resources, SHAmory ensures that children not only understand the basics of Bitcoin but also cultivate critical thinking skills.

How to Support

Supporting SHAmory is a direct contribution to the empowerment of financial literacy among the younger generation. The platform offers multiple avenues for support. One can contribute by purchasing their educational products directly from the website. Additionally, for those inclined towards philanthropy, donations to the MYSHAMMY Water Project are welcomed. Larger bundle donations are also accepted, and inquiries regarding these can be directed to Scott Sibley at [email protected].

In Closing

Scott Sibley encapsulates the essence of SHAmory’s mission, stating, “For every plushie sold, 21% of the gross sale is going directly to the Built with Bitcoin Foundation, with a goal of raising $5,000 in order to get that well raised.” This statement echoes the core ethos of SHAmory — intertwining education with social impact. SHAmory is not merely a platform for learning about Bitcoin; it’s a catalyst for positive change, one plushie at a time. As the platform continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon for others, demonstrating how innovative educational approaches can spark both understanding and humanitarian efforts.

Visit shamory.com to purchase any one of the products mentioned.

Bitcoin Literacy, Empowering Bitcoin Literacy: SHAmory’s Educational Journey


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