Horizen EON integrates Ascent Exchange and ICHI Vault to enhance defi

Horizen EON integrates Ascent Exchange and ICHI Vault to enhance defi


Horizen EON has integrated Ascent Exchange into its ecosystem via ICHI Vault.

Horizen integrates Ascent Exchange and ICHI Vault

Horizen EON is a blockchain platform that can be scaled to accommodate developers who wish to create decentralized finance (defi) applications. On the other hand, Ascent Exchange is a global digital trading platform that allows users to trade different tokens.

By fusing the Horizen EON platform with Ascent Exchange, users can enjoy the benefits of both projects’ defi utility. Horizen EON provides privacy and security for users to build innovative applications.

Ascent Exchange offers liquidity for users to trade Horizen EON tokens and earn yield through the ICHI vault.

Uniswap v3 utilizes the ICHI vault protocol for liquidity management.

It enables decentralized exchange users to optimize their liquidity position and earn higher returns through automated strategies and rebalancing mechanisms.

Commenting on the integration, Rob Viglione, the co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs, said:

“Our integration with Ascent Exchange is a testament to Horizen EON’s commitment to interoperability and resilience in the blockchain ecosystem. Ascent’s expertise and Horizen’s EVM-compatible platform mark a significant milestone towards creating a more interconnected and robust defi ecosystem. Ascent Exchange’s early adoption of the Horizen EON platform aims to redefine the defi trading space.”

Trading and data transfer

The deal would allow for a seamless trading experience and seamless data transfer within the ecosystem. The collaboration aims to further the shared vision for a unified and interoperable web3 ecosystem.

Incorporating Ascent Exchange could also benefit Horizen users. The Ascent Exchange is expected to attract new users while attempting to set a new benchmark in the trading space.

This would also help reinforce Horizen EON’s position as the leading crypto exchange for developers and enthusiasts.

In a comment, Bones, the founding member of Ascent Exchange, said: 

“Horizen EON’s exceptional scalability and efficiency empower us to process an increased volume of transactions swiftly and cost-effectively, revolutionizing our operational capabilities. Fundamental to our ethos, the robust security protocols of Horizen EON ensure an unwaveringly secure and trustworthy environment for our users. Embracing the shared values of decentralization and innovation, we join hands with the vibrant Horizen community, further enriching our community-centric approach. This pivotal shift reflects our evolution and our commitment to exploring new horizons in decentralized finance, inviting our community to be a part of this exciting journey.”

Earlier, Horizen Labs and Stably joined hands to launch ZUSD, the first stablecoin on EON.

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