Floki partners with World Table Tennis to expand user base

Floki partners with World Table Tennis to expand user base


Floki, a metaverse and web3 project that initially started as a meme coin, is partnering with the World Table Tennis (WTT), an organization created by the International Table Tennis Foundation (ITTF). 

Floki aims to reach more audience 

This marks WTT’s first-ever collaboration with a crypto project, highlighting the growing acceptance and recognition of digital currencies in the real world.

The partnership provides Floki with a platform to reach table tennis enthusiasts globally.

Floki hopes to gain more exposure during the highly anticipated 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships, set to take place from May 20 to 28 at the ICC Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa. 

The Floki brand will be displayed across various channels, including TV broadcasts, LED displays on match tables, table-side A-boards, the WTT website, and through a global press release and social media campaigns across WTT’s platforms.

According to Floki, this collaboration demonstrates their commitment to innovative marketing practices and building strong partnerships.

The 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships is expected to attract an international audience. As such, this may provide an opportunity for Floki’s flagship metaverse game, Valhalla, to gain more exposure. 

Floki extends Btok partnership

With China being home to 116 world champions and table tennis enjoying immense popularity, this partnership also expands Floki’s audience.

The project has also extended its partnership with Btok, a crypto social media platform in China.

Floki claims that the partnership will feature it in two additional premium locations on the Btok platform ensuring continuous brand visibility throughout the year.

In their view, the timing of these partnerships aligns with Hong Kong’s imminent plan to legalize crypto trading from June 1, 2023.

As Hong Kong’s crypto regulations serve as a potential model for future developments in China, investors use the city’s infrastructure to trade digital assets..

Floki’s increased presence in both China and Hong Kong could position the cryptocurrency favorably to capture and expand their user base.

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