Nil Foundation Unveils zkEVM for Enhanced Ethereum Security

Nil Foundation Unveils zkEVM for Enhanced Ethereum Security


The Nil Foundation has just unveiled their latest innovation in blockchain technology: the Type-1 zkEVM, a cutting-edge solution aimed at bolstering Ethereum’s security and scalability. This development represents a significant leap in the ongoing effort to enhance Ethereum’s framework, ensuring it remains at the forefront of blockchain technology.

At the heart of this breakthrough lies the zkEVM, operating on the zkRollup framework and integrating zkSharding technology. This combination not only promises heightened security but also maintains full compatibility with Ethereum’s existing system. This means that the existing Ethereum community can seamlessly transition to this upgraded system without having to navigate through complex changes.

One of the standout features of the Nil Foundation’s zkEVM is its zkLLVM integration. This proprietary compiler is a game-changer in the blockchain world. It automates the construction of crucial components, reducing the risks associated with the traditional manual circuit definition process. This automation not only increases efficiency but also minimizes human error, a critical factor in maintaining the blockchain’s integrity.

The zkLLVM technology can rapidly compile high-level code from languages like C++ or Rust into efficient zk-SNARK circuits. This process eliminates the need for the labor-intensive and error-prone manual circuit definition, enhancing the overall security and reliability of the system.

Misha Komarov, the CEO and co-founder of the Nil Foundation, believes that the zkEVM is set to revolutionize Ethereum’s scalability. This technology directly tackles the security and compatibility challenges that have previously hindered the adoption of zkRollups. With the Type-1 zkEVM, the Nil Foundation aims to significantly improve auditability, streamline circuit implementation, and reduce security vulnerabilities.

The automated compilation feature of the Nil Foundation’s zkEVM, drawing from mainstream programming languages, makes it a standout in the blockchain arena. This feature not only makes the auditing process more accessible and cost-effective but also ensures adaptability to changes within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it a sustainable, future-proof scaling solution.

Unlike other platforms that rely on manually created circuits, the Nil Foundation’s zkEVM adapts swiftly to changes in Ethereum’s parameters. This adaptability facilitates the quick integration of new Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), thereby maintaining the platform’s relevance and efficiency.

Additionally, the Type-1 bytecode compatibility of the zkEVM closely aligns with evmone, the C++ version of Ethereum’s base execution environment. This alignment guarantees superior security and faster implementation, as it avoids the complexities of auditing different bytecode implementations – a challenge faced by less compatible zkEVMs.

With the introduction of this zkEVM, the Nil Foundation’s zkRollup is poised to scale Ethereum to unprecedented levels, potentially handling over 60,000 transactions per second through zkSharding. This scalability opens up new possibilities for developers to create composable applications with transparent access to Ethereum data, paving the way for a more efficient and secure blockchain ecosystem.


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