Cybria token soars over 680% in 24 hour pump

Cybria token soars over 680% in 24 hour pump


The price of Cybria’s native token, CYBA, rose over 680% in 24-hour trading, surging from under $0.0005 per token to $0.0045.

When the trading volume of a token spikes 15,000% in a single day, suspicions can arise.

On Dec 13., that happened to CYBA, a utility token that bills itself as an enhancement to scalability and security on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain founded in September 2023.

Cybria styles itself as a layer two platform for Ethereum, promising faster and cheaper transactions while still benefiting from Ethereum’s security. The project claims to use AI and cybersecurity tools to boost network safety and efficiency — those features make it a so-called AI coin. With a current market capitalization of $3 million, much of that rise in the last 24 hours, traders seem hungry for AI-adjacent projects.

According to analysts, large spikes in volume can also signal coordinated schemes known as pump and dumps, where traders excite a cryptocurrency before dumping their positions for a profit.

Yet, with the rise of interest in AI in the wake of technologies like ChatGPT, the spike in volume might also be tied to growing interest in AI-focused crypto projects, with CYBA aligning itself to the hype-strapped sector.

The trading volume over the last 24 hours topped $1.38 million, a 15,000% increase from $9,250 the prior day.

Regardless of the reason for the rise, CYBA holders have seen the value of their tokens dramatically increase over the last day, as an investment of just $1,000 in CYBA yesterday has appreciated to a whopping $6,800 today.

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