Cat KIRA and Dog NINJA Tokens Boom 30-100% — Are They Worth Buying…

Cat KIRA and Dog NINJA Tokens Boom 30-100% — Are They Worth Buying…


Kira and Ninja token price concept
Kira and Ninja token price concept

YEREVAN ( – Kira the Injective Cat, known by its ticker KIRA doubled in price on Dec 20, reaching $0.0002339 ahead of the New York session.

Kira the Injective Cat Doubles in Price

The cryptocurrency has a total supply of 69 billion tokens, and its fully diluted valuation stands at around $17.09 million. KIRA experienced its all-time high value earlier on Dec 20, 2023, reaching $0.00028, and its all-time low a day earlier on Dec 19, 2023, at $0.000064.

Kira the Injective cat.
Kira the Injective cat. Source: CoinGecko

Various decentralized exchanges trade KIRA tokens, with Astroport (Injective) being the most active trading platform for the INJ/KIRA pair. The trading volume for Kira the Injective Cat in the last 24 hours was reported to be over $9.43 million, indicating a considerable amount of market activity.

But wait, if one nonsense memecoin wasn’t enough, here’s a new one for you.

Dog Wif Nunchucks In a Nonsense 30% Bounce

Much like Kira’s Injective Cat, Dog Wif Nunchucks, also known as NINJA, is a memecoin like no other. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 coins and is notable for its zero taxes, zero team allocation, zero presales, and “straightforward nature.”

As of the latest information, NINJA was trading at around $0.039 and had recently hit an all-time high of $0.041. It’s interesting to note that the coin has seen a substantial trading volume of $7.6 million in the last 24 hours, reflecting active market participation.

The absence of a formal team and a planned roadmap sets NINJA apart from other crypto projects. It doesn’t position itself as a serious investment but rather capitalizes on the popularity and humor associated with meme culture. This approach has led to a unique community dynamic around the coin.


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