JPEG'd warns of phishing attack months after Curve hack

JPEG’d warns of phishing attack months after Curve hack


NFT protocol JPEG’d alerted community members to malicious actors targeting holders of its token as phishing scammers continue to target crypto and DeFi operators. 

The P2P non-fungible token (NFT) lending platform JPEG’d posted a notice on X following numerous complaints from users citing phishing campaigns and a booby trap revocation tool. These services are typically employed by web3 users to clear out access previously given to decentralized applications.

Bad actors launched a number of malicious platforms mimicking genuine services per the update from JPEG’d. The goal is to secure transaction approval before draining NFTs and digital assets in the wallet. 

Several phishing efforts have been directed toward cryptocurrency participants and decentralized finance users. As reported, hard wallet maker Trezor became the target of a new phishing campaign. Social media accounts tied to rapper Nelly were also compromised

Viral SocialFi app Friend.Tech reported suffered Google search manipulation attacks and investors lost $4.5 million in USDT to a phishing scam. 

JPEG’d’s call for vigilance comes months after hackers attacked on-chain stable swap exchange Curve Finance, stealing nearly $100 million from multiple protocols and liquidity providers. Some of the funds were recovered by white hat hackers and a collaborative DeFi helpline tagged SEAL 911 was formed.

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