Amazon Prime Unlocks Gods Unchained Mythical Rewards

Amazon Prime Unlocks Gods Unchained Mythical Rewards


Amazon Prime is taking a plunge into the fantastical world of blockchain gaming, offering its subscribers a unique perk: exclusive in-game rewards for the popular online trading card game, ‘Gods Unchained’. This collaboration marks a significant step in the ever-evolving nexus of online gaming and digital collectibles, showcasing how mainstream platforms are embracing the world of NFTs and blockchain technology.

As part of this venture, Prime members are privy to a treasure trove of in-game assets. The first monthly bounty, available now, includes 5 Rare Core Packs and one Core Domain Pack – a collection sure to entice both seasoned players and newcomers to the ‘Gods Unchained’ universe. This six-month-long promotion promises new, free in-game content every month, keeping the excitement and anticipation alive.

Although ‘Gods Unchained’ is renowned for its integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) minted on Immutable X – an Ethereum-based scaling platform – there’s a twist. The free packs offered to Amazon Prime subscribers aren’t NFTs themselves. Instead, they’re in-game cards linked to the user’s Immutable account. But here’s where it gets interesting: players have the opportunity to transform these cards into NFTs. The game’s unique feature lets players ‘fuse’ duplicate core cards into a higher-quality NFT version, which can then be traded on the Immutable X network.

This strategic alliance isn’t the first of its kind for Amazon Prime Gaming, which has previously partnered with various NFT-centric games like ‘NFL Rivals’ and ‘My Pet Hooligan’, offering exclusive content to its subscribers. These collaborations vary, with some including actual NFTs and others focusing on non-tokenized items, reflecting the diverse approaches to incorporating blockchain technology in gaming.

Coinciding with this Amazon partnership is the launch of ‘Gods Unchained’s’ second season, titled ‘Far Horizons’. This new chapter introduces fresh gameplay mechanics and an expansion card set named ‘Tides of Fate’, adding layers of strategy and narrative to the game. Daniel Paez, Vice President and Executive Producer at Immutable Games, shares the excitement for this collaboration, underscoring the season’s pivotal role in reshaping the game’s dynamics and player strategies.

The ‘Tides of Fate’ expansion, themed around the mythological city of Atlantis, introduces new elements like God Powers and a ‘manasurge’ feature, which elevates the gaming experience. This expansion doesn’t just add cards to the mix; it weaves an intricate story of mechs and dragons locked in a battle for powerful crystals, enriching the game’s lore.

Moreover, ‘Gods Unchained’ is committed to fostering a vibrant community of content creators. A new program offers substantial rewards in GODS tokens for those who contribute to the game’s ecosystem through videos and strategy guides. This initiative not only incentivizes content creation but also deepens player engagement and community interaction.

For gaming enthusiasts eager to dive into this mythical universe, ‘Gods Unchained’ is currently accessible on Windows and Mac. In a move to broaden its reach, the game is set for a soft launch on iOS and Android platforms later this year, expanding its magical realm to mobile gamers.

In an age where the lines between digital and physical collectibles are increasingly blurred, ‘Gods Unchained’ and Amazon Prime are at the forefront, navigating this exciting terrain. This collaboration offers a glimpse into the future of gaming, where digital ownership and immersive experiences coalesce, creating a dynamic playground for gamers and collectors alike.


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