Is Microsoft AI “Hudson Valley” Coming to Windows in 2024?

Is Microsoft AI “Hudson Valley” Coming to Windows in 2024?


Microsoft AI
Is Microsoft AI “Hudson Valley” Coming to Windows in 2024?

YEREVAN ( — Microsoft AI development might take another significant stride in 2024, with the rollout of “Hudson Valley,” a Windows update. While the information is not yet confirmed, the update would confirm Microsoft’s persisting AI vector.

Microsoft AI “Hudson Valley” for Windows

Windows Central reports that Microsoft plans to base the upcoming update on a new platform called “Germanium.” This platform will introduce an AI-powered Windows shell and an advanced version of Copilot, which would significantly enhance search capabilities and workflow optimization, among other improvements.

A major focus of Hudson Valley is the integration of advanced Microsoft AI technologies into the operating system. This includes an AI-based Windows Shell and an enhanced Copilot feature that operates continuously in the background, enhancing search capabilities and facilitating workflow initiation.

Microsoft AI Windows 12
Microsoft quarterly results. Source: X

AI-Powered Features on the operating system

The update aims to bring several AI-powered features, such as an AI-driven Timeline, AI-powered search capabilities using natural language queries, and Super Resolution for high-quality upscaling of videos and games.

Additionally, there might be some changes in the user interface, such as a new floating Taskbar and a top bar interface displaying weather, time, and notifications.

This project aims to make the system more modular while maintaining compatibility with classic desktop applications. It involves a concept called state separation, which divides the system into different partitions isolated from user and third-party apps to allow better updates and improved security.

Microsoft will make its AI Hudson Valley available as a free upgrade for devices already running Windows 11 and compatible hardware running Windows 10.

Additionally, the tech giant is reportedly considering the impact of introducing a new version like Windows 12 on the existing Windows user base, which includes a large number of Windows 10 users. The final decision on whether Microsoft will market Hudson Valley as Windows 12 is still pending. However, Microsoft’s significant leaning toward AI did not start with the mentioned update.


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