Blockchain Gaming Integration Begins: Grand Theft Auto Creator Take-Two Takes The Helm

Blockchain Gaming Integration Begins: Grand Theft Auto Creator Take-Two Takes The Helm


According to a recent report by the gaming news outlet Game Is Hard, Take-Two Interactive Software, the renowned publisher of the popular video game franchise “Grand Theft Auto,” has made a significant foray into the blockchain gaming industry. 

The company recently unveiled its blockchain-based game, “Sugartown,” built on Ethereum. This move by Take-Two is viewed as a notable endorsement of the potential of blockchain gaming, which has long been anticipated to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

The Blockbuster Meets Blockchain

Take-Two’s decision to embrace blockchain gaming represents a significant step forward for the nascent industry. Urvit Goel, Polygon Labs’ business development lead and a former gaming executive at Amazon, believes that Take-Two’s entry may inspire other major publishers, such as EA and Activision Blizzard, to follow. 

Goel points to the success of established gaming ecosystems like “Grand Theft Auto” and Electronic Arts’ “Madden” and “FIFA” franchises, which generate billions of dollars in annual in-game transactions. 

However, he acknowledges that concerns over asset control have hindered the widespread adoption of blockchain gaming among players.

The game allows players to collect, own, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs), showcasing the publisher’s belief in the potential of the crypto gaming market. 

Take-Two’s entry comes at a time when Asian game developers, including companies like Nexon and Square Enix, are actively exploring crypto-gaming opportunities through partnerships with Polygon. 

Goel predicts that these “Asian frontrunners” will pave the way for Western gaming companies to enter the blockchain gaming market, as they have done with previous technological advancements.

Notably, the interest in crypto-enabled gaming is further exemplified by recent collaborations such as Epic Games’ partnership with Nike to offer digital sneaker NFTs in “Fortnite.” 

Per the report, Epic Games has also begun selling blockchain games on its online store. The adoption of Polygon Labs’ Layer 2, known for its speed and affordability compared to Ethereum, by companies like Reddit and Ubisoft has further propelled the growth of crypto gaming. 

However, Polygon Labs faces competition from other Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Layer 1 blockchain such as Solana and Avalanche.

Take-Two’s entry into blockchain gaming and the continued interest from gaming companies indicate that the industry is gaining legitimacy and may pave the way for widespread adoption. 

While concerns over asset control persist among gamers, the integration of NFTs and the success of established gaming franchises offer promising avenues for growth. 

As Asian game developers lead the charge in exploring crypto gaming opportunities, Western companies are expected to follow suit, driving further innovation and expansion in the blockchain gaming market.

While challenges remain, the industry is making strides toward widespread acceptance and integration of blockchain technology.

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