A16z crypto unveils blockchain's key use cases with AI

A16z crypto unveils blockchain’s key use cases with AI


Analysts at a16z crypto believe crypto technology can be used to track the origin of artificial intelligence-generated content.

Decentralized ledgers have the potential to deconcentrate and make safer artificial intelligence (AI) innovation as hundreds of tech leaders around the world raise their concerns about AI’s ability to become an existential threat to humanity.

In a recent blog post titled “Big Ideas in Tech for 2024,” Andrew Hall, a professor of political economy in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, claims that developing decentralized governance models at the a16z crypto research lab, the issue of AI development is being dominated by only a handful of tech giants.

He particularly noted that blockchain networks can serve as a “counterbalancing force to centralized AI,” adding that crypto can help create “multi-sided, global, permissionless markets where anyone can contribute.”

“Crypto technology can be used here as well to open the black box; track the origin of things we see online; and much more.”

Andrew Hall

However, Hall admitted there are still questions need to be resolved before blockchain can be used in conjunction with AI. For instance, developers are yet to figure out ways to decentralize generative AI so that it could be governed democratically to avoid the concentration of power.

Nonetheless, Hall believes that blockchain can eventually drive down the costs of using AI and deploying products on it, making the technology more accessible for customers.

In April 2023, crypto exchange Binance integrated a new AI-powered learning tool dubbed Sensei into its Binance Academy platform, to offer users a more intuitive web3 learning experience. The exchange says its new solution is designed to foster engagement and enhance users’ web3 learning experience.

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