BNB Chain unveils Greenfield roadmap, targets mass adoption

BNB Chain unveils Greenfield roadmap, targets mass adoption


BNB Chain, the ecosystem attributed with the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, has unveiled the BNB Greenfield technology roadmap in a Dec. 12 announcement.

This roadmap, tailored for web2 and web3 developers and users, pledges heightened performance, enhanced development experiences, and an expanded multichain platform.

Capacity for higher volume

Per a press release, key enhancements include a five-times surge in storage provider upload and download speeds—from 2MB per second to 100MB per second, respectively—significantly boosting the system’s capacity to handle a higher volume of transactions seamlessly.

Additional features will include introducing rich storage capabilities, encompassing resource tagging, indexing, simplified data migration, and an object atomic update. These enhancements look to provide a comprehensive solution for efficient data management within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The roadmap also outlines the implementation of account abstractions, featuring a Paymaster out-of-the-box mechanism for seamless fee and storage cost payments. These advancements are designed to streamline financial processes and contribute to a more user-friendly experience for participants in the BNB Chain network.

Recent headlines 

This news comes as part of the aftermath of BNB Chain’s Istanbul Hackathon, which gave rise to several robust projects, exemplifying the outcomes nurtured within the BNB Chain community.

It’s worth noting that quarterly funding for Web3 startups has observed a decline of around 84% this year. Faced with this scenario, numerous founders have actively explored alternative avenues to advance their projects toward the stage of launch readiness.

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