zkSync Era protocol currently encountering network issues

zkSync Era protocol currently encountering network issues


The main network of the notorious ZkSync protocol has stopped working and has not produced blocks for more than 3 hours.

The developers confirmed the technical failure on Dec. 25 and stated that they were working to restore functionality. The project team promised that they would notify the community once more information became available about the problem. The reasons for the network failure are still unknown.

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Source: Uptime

Notably, last month ChainLight, a blockchain security audit company, discovered a vulnerability in the zkSync Era protocol that could result in a potential loss of $1.9 billion if exploited.

Despite this, zkSync Era had many layers of security. This would make it difficult for anyone to actually use the exploit unless they were part of Matter Labs, the infrastructure team behind zkSync Era.

Last week, the developers of the Zilliqa blockchain platform reported a critical situation in the blockchain, which led to a stop in the production of blocks. They assured that users’ assets are safe, but asked to temporarily cancel deposits and withdrawals.

Later that day, the project team reported that they had identified a problem that would take several hours to resolve. As a result, they managed to restore the functionality of the network, which had not processed blocks for more than half a day.

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