Cosmos plans to attract Ethereum developers in 2024

Cosmos plans to attract Ethereum developers in 2024


The Interchain Foundation has revealed its 2024 roadmap for Cosmos, prioritizing blockchain modularity, interoperability, and attracting Ethereum ecosystem developers.

The Interchain Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to bolster the adoption of Cosmos, recently unveiled its roadmap for 2024. Their ambition is to redefine the landscape of what is popularly known as the “internet of blockchains.”

At the core of this 50-page document lies Cosmos’ commitment to blockchain modularity and interoperability, concepts that are fundamental to the network.

These underline Cosmos’ aim to serve as a conduit, connecting various blockchain protocols, allowing seamless communication and transaction processes without necessitating token wrapping.

The emphasis on Ethereum(ETH) rollups reveals a clear intention: to cater to developers who have found layer-2 solutions restricting.

A pivotal element in Cosmos’ strategy is its Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC).

In 2024, the primary goal of IBC is to integrate it with zero-knowledge and optimistic rollup frameworks, expanding its horizons further.

Alongside, Cosmos’ Software Developer Kit (SDK) emphasizes the platform’s edge over Ethereum, particularly in terms of customizability.

This distinct advantage is attributed to Cosmos’ inherent flexibility, a byproduct of its modularity, which delineates blockchain functionalities.

However, it’s essential to note, as Cosmos SDK admits, that while their software is theoretically modular, practical application is somewhat challenging.

Maria Gomez, Interchain Foundation’s managing director, said Cosmos has found it challenging to appeal to developers, primarily due to the absence of a native token which could serve as a financial incentive.

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, for instance, presents roadmaps that, even if not realized, stir excitement and foster conversations.

This narrative-driven engagement is what Cosmos aspires to replicate with its 2024 roadmap. As Gomez puts it, they’re aiming to capture developers’ imaginations in a manner similar to Ethereum.

Data from Token Terminal reveals that there were 660 changes to the Cosmos Hub, the foundational blockchain of Cosmos, in September.

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