SEGA, double hyped about blockchain gaming

SEGA, double hyped about blockchain gaming


SEGA’s co-COO Shuji Utsumi and Double Jump Tokyo CEO Hironobu Ueno expect a future where blockchain technology is prevalent across the gaming industry.

In a recent interview with Japanese publication Dengeki Online, Utsumi and Ueno gave their collective insights into the progress of the highly anticipated game, Battle of Three Kingdoms, which integrates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its gameplay.

Both Utsumi and Ueno acknowledged the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry.

While Ueno detailed how the complexity of blockchain technology has made early adoption a challenge, he also recognized opportunities for content developers to create gaming experiences that convey the advantages of blockchain integration.

Entry barriers remain in blockchain gaming

Utsumi likened the current transitional phase of NFT games to the rise of mobile gaming, attributing the popularity of mobile games to the widespread availability of cell phones.

He affirmed that in an era where most players own smartphones and computers, game developers should contemplate how to engage and appeal to individuals within the realm of blockchain games.

The executives affirmed that a significant challenge lies in reducing the barrier to entry for blockchain games. Ueno emphasized the importance of providing a smooth onboarding process, while Utsumi highlighted the hurdle of getting users to set up wallets for these games.

The interview also revealed how SEGA and Double Jump Tokyo leveraged their arcade game, Sangokushi Taisen, transforming it into a blockchain game.

Ueno explained that integrating blockchain and NFTs into games is most evident within trading card games, with card values determined by in-game performance and collector demand.

On the development process, Utsumi shared that SEGA’s focus on utilizing advanced technology made blockchain an interesting area to explore. This exploration led to the selection of Sangokushi Taisen, given its popularity in Japan and other Asian countries and its compatibility with blockchain technology.

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