Can Jasmy Coin Regain Its ATH? Jasmy Predictions

Can Jasmy Coin Regain Its ATH? Jasmy Predictions


Jasmy Coin

To some people, Jasmy Coin doesn’t sound familiar. Nevertheless, it has made major moves behind the scenes despite being relatively unpopular. To help you understand where the price is headed, here is some background information.

About Jasmy and Jasmy Coin

For starters, Jasmy is an internet of things company that deals with big data. It sources data and avails it to organizations. The companies, in turn, use this data to enhance service delivery and customer experience. 

As you already know, the use of data comes with a considerable risk of data leakage and privacy infringement. Some users are also hesitant to share their information because of privacy and security reasons. Jasmy fills this gap by decentralization, where data is protected and owned by individuals. 

The blockchain network, founded by ex Sony executives, uses blockchain decentralized technology to store and network data. It gives users complete control of data to decide when and how to share it. Data sovereignty enables users to monetize their data.

Jasmy Coin (JASMY) is the native currency of the blockchain network. The maximum token supply is over 50 billion coins. Currently, about five billion coins are in circulation with a market capitalization of $55.6M. 

History Lesson – Jasmy Coin Price

The price of the Jasmy Coin hit an all-time high of $4.2928 on February 15 after the coin was listed on and CoinGecko. It, however, dipped 58% to hit $1.733 four days later. A spike followed ahead of listing on the Jubi Crypto exchange. The value grew to $2.9638 on 1st March. 

A roller coaster of rises and falls followed. For instance,  the price surged after joining Github. Similarly, a staking campaign by gave the buyers a reprieve in May. However, listing on Bittrex to support Metamask and Trust Wallet and the announcement to join cross-chain compatibility polygon and Binance Smart Chain didn’t do the value any good. 

The price has generally been downtrend, save for small spikes due to listing on nine crypto exchanges and a partnership with Sagan Tosu football club. 

Professor Pooja Lehki of University Canada West attributes the falling value to investors’ unfamiliarity with the crypto coin.

CryptoPredictions is a website that uses computer algorithms to extrapolate historical data while predicting the future prices of Jasmy Coin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It comingles mathematical models based on computing technology to predict the price of various cryptos. 

According to the website, the price of Jasmy Coin could increase and find resistance at $0.0273 in June and range between $0.0243 and $0.0358 in July. When it comes to predictions for the upcoming years, the website forecasts a steady rise in the price of Jasmy to $0.04 in 2024 and $0.059 in December 2025. Similarly, the gradual growth is expected to continue in 2026 to reach a high of $0.063. 

According to the predictions, Jasmy might not go back to the all-time high of $4 in the next four years. However, the uptrend is quite probable.

More Expert Predictions 

TradingBeasts, another popular crypto prediction site, predicts for JasmyCoin to reach an average price of 0.03650 USD before the end of 2022. This statement argues Shanka Jayasinha, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, who predicts that Jasmy Coin could hit as much as $0.2 or $0.3 due to the current geopolitics.

NiceHash CEO Martin Skorjanc also has an optimistic forecast for the coin. He argues that solid goals in the decentralization of IoT management makes Jasmy an ideal pioneer of web 3.0. As per the expert, sorting the supply can boost its value. This means the crypto coin’s bright future is premised on dealing with token supply to turn around underperformance characterized by the low price. 

Dr. Lehki supports this prediction. He says that despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies, Jasmy has features that make it unique such as the growth of IoT and secure and versatile data management products. The financial management professor predicts that Jasmy could reach $0.077 before 2022. He notes that the price growth will depend on investors’ interests, partnerships, and trade volume.

Technical Analysis

As the expert analysts predict, the price of the Jasmy coin is likely to grow. This forecast is supported by technical analysis, as shown in the picture below. 

Jasmy Coin

According to the chart above, the price action has retraced to the 50% Fibonacci level. Note that the price had previously found support at the same level ($0.03). If the sellers fail to break below this level, the price is likely to reverse and head to the previous major resistance. If it manages to go past this level, it will find another resistance. If the bulls sustain the buying pressure the price could be headed to the previous highs and possibly break past that level. 

Jasmy Coin

Jasmy price has also formed a bullish pennant chart pattern. After a strong uptrend, the price has consolidated in a triangular shape to create a bullish chart pattern. If the price breaks above the pattern, it could resume the upward direction. The buyer should therefore get ready for an upward move.

Final Note on Jasmy Predictions

Jasmy is a unique coin. It leverages the internet of things technology to enhance data management and ownership. The blockchain aims to give users control of their data and monetize it. However, its coin, Jasmy Coin, has dropped significantly. However, the buyers are making their presence known in the market, and they could likely dominate the market for a long time. Before opening that trade, do your analysis and ensure the findings are on point.


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