TT Farm passes Phase 1 of ThunderCore Blockchain's $10M Growth Fun…

TT Farm passes Phase 1 of ThunderCore Blockchain’s $10M Growth Fun…


TT Farm passes Phase 1 of ThunderCore Blockchain's $10M Growth Fund
TT Farm has passed Phase 1 of ThunderCore’s $10 Million Developer Growth Fund Program. Credit: TT Farm

Key Takeaways

  • TT Farm DApp has Qualified for Phase 1 of the $10 Million Growth Fund from ThunderCore
  • ThunderCore had announced about the fund back in November 2021
  • Thunder Token (TT), the native currency of ThunderCore is down 20% in the past 7 days.

YEREVAN ( – TT Farm, a DApp on ThunderCore has passed Phase 1 of ThunderCore’s $10 million Developer Growth Fund Program, according to an announcement by the Thunder Core Team.

TT farm also shared the news on its official Twitter handle.

In Nov 2021, ThunderCore had announced it was starting a fund to bring blockchain technology and its benefits to the masses. 

“We’re excited to announce the launch of $10M in funds to welcome and incentivize developers from every corner of the world to build on and expand the Thunder Core ecosystem,”

 the team announced two months back.

After launching its mainnet over 2 years ago, ThunderCore has slowly become an attractive platform to deploy and scale DApps. Over time, the blockchain has also become a viable platform to launch nonfungible token (NFT) projects. 

Thunder Core, which hosts TT Farm, offers 400+ TPS and cheap transaction fees.
Thunder Core offers 400+ TPS and cheap transaction fees. Pic Credit: ThunderCore

One of the reasons why ThunderCore has made a place for itself in the blockchain ecosystem is the low gas fees. Compared to the exorbitant transaction costs of other networks, it charges an average of $0.00001 in gas fees.

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Scaling TT Farm on ThuderCore Blockchain

ThunderCore is a secure, high-performance public blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency, the Thunder Token (TT). Chris Wang founded the company back in 2017 in Sunnyvale, California. Coupled with extremely low transaction fees, the ThunderCore network supports 4,000+ transactions per second (TPS). 

Thunder Token (TT) has been weak this week. It currently trades for $0.00911 per coin, shelling over 20% in the past 7 days. 

In April last year, TT reached an all-time high of $0.04, which is about 80% more than the current price, according to CoinMarketCap.

The Thunder Token (TT) coin price has dropped over 20% in the past week
The Thunder Token (TT) coin has dropped over 20% in the past week. Credit: CoinMarketCap

TT Farm is a DeFi project built on the ThunderCore blockchain. The platform gives holders the opportunity to purchase all kinds of farm animals which bring extremely high returns.

To purchase animals from the TT Farm, users need to have any one of the following tokens TT-BUSD, TT-USDT, TT-USDC, TT-HUSD, TT, FTT. 

FTT or the Farm Thunder Token is the native token that powers the entire TT Farm ecosystem. FTT is a deflationary TT20 token deployed on the ThunderCore blockchain, by the developers of TT Farm. The maximum supply of FTT is 1,000,000 tokens.

The distribution of FTT or the Farm Thunder Token.
The distribution of FTT or the Farm Thunder Token. FTT is the native token of the TT Farm ecosystem. Credit: TT Farm

The ThunderCore team had categorized the $10 million growth fund into 4 different silos, accelerator grant, promotional package, technical assistance, and operational consultation. 

“Now that TT Farm meets the qualification, it is eligible to receive corresponding funds and support from ThunderCore at different growth phases,” 

ThuderCore announced. 

With over 3 million unique accounts registered on ThunderCore Hub and more than 100K daily active users, TT Farm will look to grow its user base in the future.


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