Nine Chronicles M, on-chain MMORPG game, launches on mobile

Nine Chronicles M, on-chain MMORPG game, launches on mobile


Planetarium Labs, a web3 gaming company, has released its open-world fantasy game Nine Chronicles on mobile. 

The game allows players to explore different environments, harvest resources, craft materials, customize their avatars, engage with others, and trade items for real money on the company’s blockchain

It also features realistic in-game mechanics and economics that mirror real-world marketplaces. 

With the release on mobile–live on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, the company aims to expand its user base and bring blockchain-based decentralization to mobile users. 

The game has garnered pre-launch interest, with over 200,000 users signing up because of rewards and bonuses, including unique costumes, in-game items, sweepstakes, and exclusive access to events and games.

Getting blockchain gaming back on track

The blockchain industry has faced challenges, including projects losing user interest and falling prey to scams. 

However, Nine Chronicles M is a fully on-chain and open-source web3 MMORPG led by an experienced team of designers, developers, researchers, and artists. 

It allows users to customize and use game IP. It aims to onboard millions of new mobile gamers with a new title, engaging gameplay, and storyline. 

Planetarium Labs’ $32 million Series A raise in 2022 and sustained successes demonstrate their ability to execute. 

Nine Chronicles M has a parallel chain called Heimdall to improve processing capabilities.

While how the game will perform on the gaming charts remains to be seen, supporters are banking on its storytelling, design, mechanics, and user approval for growth.

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