Zilliqa blockchain halts transactions due to block production issue

Zilliqa blockchain halts transactions due to block production issue


The Zilliqa blockchain network today encountered a significant technical disruption, impacting its block production. 

As the technical team at Zilliqa delves into the issue to pinpoint and rectify the cause, the company has issued a cautionary recommendation to halt all deposits and withdrawals on the network. Block production is a vital process for the continuity and stability of any blockchain network. It involves the creation of new blocks that record and validate transactions. An interruption in this process can lead to delays in transaction processing and potentially impact the network’s overall functionality.

Zilliqa further provided assurance that funds remain secure during this interruption. It has provided a means for users to verify their fund’s safety by checking on-chain transactions. 

Last week, leading network Arbitrum also ran into significant issues as the network was down for over an hour due to a traffic surge. The ongoing bull market will provide a critical challenge for blockchain networks to maintain operations and avoid technical difficulties amid increased traffic. 

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